Learning Management System

A Learning Management System that helps you reach the podium!

With a comprehensive solution customized for your organization and sport, 321 Sports’ learning management system is perfect for your educational needs.

Designed for your sport ecosystem, 321 Sports empowers and transforms the way you train coaches, technical officials, classifiers and other roles, increasing expertise, reach, capacity and engagement across your community, while centralizing all of your educational activities, resources and content.

Our small team has experience developing, implementing and managing learning management systems for Paralympic and Olympic sports at the provincial, national and international level with different organizations, making us best suited to help you reach the podium!

321 Sports’ design, implementation and management process focuses on identifying and reaching your organization’s goals with ease and simplicity, and supporting you as they grow!

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Increase Operational Efficiencies

Our learning management system helps your organization increase efficiencies; such as allowing agreements and feedback to be completed centrally, automation of account creations and reminders, and issuing of certificates with specific restrictions. It is scalable from just a few hundred users to thousands without worry.

Track What Matters

Monitor your users' participation and engagement through the learning management system. Create various reports such as user count, completion progress and certificates issued.

Exemplary Support

321 Sports provides strong support to your organization from the design and implementation process to the “day-to-day” of operation and ongoing updates, supporting you and your users with any answers or solutions they need.

Access Anytime, Anywhere and on any Device

Our learning management system and courses are fully responsive and able to be accessed on smartphones, tablets and computers. Users can complete activities and evaluations, and download their own certificates when achieved.

Accessible and Compliant

Our learning management system and courses are compliant with accessibility standards; ensuring it is able to be used by users of all abilities, including with screen readers and modified fonts.

Course Development

Courses for your sport’s needs!

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Every sport and role has its own specific educational needs. 321 Sports is a leader in online learning and course development.

From short mini-courses to comprehensive programs and certification courses, 321 Sports can build courses specific to your needs. Our small team has personal experiences in roles in Paralympic and Olympic sport at different levels, and a history of developing educational content for various organizations, making us best suited to help you reach the podium!

Creative and Innovative Online Learning Techniques

Our courses are designed with the latest trends and principles of online learning! Our staff work directly with you in creating content that’s engaging, innovative and achieves the desired learning outcomes.

Dynamic Activities and Evaluations

Our courses are designed understanding that every sport, role and organization is unique. Our staff customizes content using a variety of activities, resources and evaluation methods to provide an interactive and focused learning approach to meet precise goals.

Customized Training to Include Branding and Content

Our courses are designed with your logos, colors, images and content so your eLearning training is customized for your organization and so your users are focussed on developing!

Responsive Across All Devices

Our courses are designed for learning to take place anytime, anywhere and on any device. The responsive design allows users to complete activities and evaluations on smartphones, tablets or computers, while looking modern and beautifully designed, while meeting accessibility standards.

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