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321 Sports is specialized in Paralympic and Olympic sports’ education and online learning, supporting different organizations and sports’ coaches, technical officials, classifiers and other roles at different levels to gain knowledge and improve competencies.

Learning Management System

Our platform houses all your educational activities and content, and supports creating a culture of learning and development within your sport; improving expertise, and improving educational reach and impact.

Course Development

Our small team are experts in sport technical and educational design, and best equipped to create interactive, engaging and impactful courses for your coaches, technical officials, classifiers and other roles in your community.

Pre-created Courses

Utilize already created courses designed for coaches, technical officials, classifiers and others in the sports’ community. On common topics such as anti-doping, anti-gambling and coaching athletes with disabilities, among others.

Experts in Sports eLearning

Using the latest technology in education, our small team of experienced professional staff, and our expertise in sport technical and pedagogical theory, we are connecting and improving the sports community around the world!

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