321 Sports and Odyssey Sports Volunteering Association Partner to Empower Volunteers

The 321 Sports Academy and Odyssey logos beside each other

321 Sports is pleased to announce its partnership with Odyssey Sports Volunteering Association, a dynamic organization committed to spreading sports’ values and empowering volunteers. This partnership aims to provide Odyssey stakeholders with access to 321 Sports’ Mini-Course, Volunteering in Para Sport.

Odyssey Sports Volunteering Association, led by an experienced team, is dedicated to creating opportunities that promote social integration, intercultural dialogue, and mutual understanding through sports. Their focus on empowering volunteers at both local and international levels aligns perfectly with the mission of 321 Sports.

The centerpiece of this partnership is the Volunteering in Para Sport Mini-Course, specifically designed for volunteers involved in sport competitions, activities, and programs for people with disabilities. The comprehensive course covers various topics, including defining disability, providing an overview of the history, types, and benefits of Para sport, and equipping volunteers with the knowledge and skills to facilitate positive and inclusive experiences for athletes with disabilities.

321 Sports created a tailored solution which offers a customized certificate of completion featuring the Odyssey Sports Volunteering Association’s logo to those who complete the Mini-Course successfully.

The immediate impact of this partnership was evident as Odyssey’s volunteers embraced the opportunity to complete the Mini-Course as part of their onboarding process before engaging in activities. By acquiring a deeper understanding of Para sport and disability, these volunteers are better equipped to support and empower athletes with disabilities, fostering an inclusive and supportive environment.

The partnership between Odyssey Sports Volunteering Association and 321 Sports marks an exciting milestone in the journey to empower volunteers and promote the values of sports. Through the Volunteering in Para Sport Mini-Course, volunteers gain valuable knowledge and skills, enabling them to make a positive impact in the lives of athletes with disabilities. This collaboration exemplifies the shared commitment of both organizations to create a more inclusive and empowering sports community.