321 Sports Joins House of Sport Volunteers to Advance Skill Development and Employability

321 Sports is excited to announce its membership in the House of Sport Volunteers, a global collective dedicated to promoting, connecting, and supporting volunteers, organizations, and strategic partners across various levels of sporting events, from the grassroots to high-performance levels.

Launched in 2023, the House of Sport Volunteers has already gathered over fifty members, including federations, competition and project hosts, volunteer organizations, and academic institutions. This diverse collective aims to foster collaboration and synergy among its members to enhance the volunteer experience and drive positive impact in the sports community.

As a member of the House of Sport Volunteers, 321 Sports will actively contribute to the collective’s objectives. 321 Sports will provide training and education opportunities to volunteers, supporting their skill development and employment prospects. By offering valuable resources and expertise, 321 Sports aims to empower volunteers and equip them with the necessary knowledge to excel in their roles.

Additionally, as part of the collective, 321 Sports will participate in policy creation and promotion efforts across different levels and sectors. By engaging in these activities, 321 Sports will contribute to shaping the future of volunteerism in sports, advocating for recognition and support for volunteers’ invaluable contributions.

With major competitions on the horizon, such as the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, 321 Sports is proud to actively collaborate with other members and individuals within the House of Sport Volunteers. By doing so, they aim to enhance the visibility and importance of volunteers in both the sporting realm and society as a whole.

321 Sports’ membership in the House of Sport Volunteers signifies their commitment to advancing skill development and employability among volunteers. By joining this global collective, 321 Sports will actively contribute to training initiatives, policy creation, and the overall promotion of volunteerism in sports. Through collaboration with other members, 321 Sports strives to elevate the significance of volunteers and their contributions to the sports community and society at large.