321 Sports to Train Accra 2023 African Para Games Volunteers through eLearning

The 321 Sports Academy and Accra 2023 logos beside each other

321 Sports is thrilled to be announced as a supplier for the Organizing Committee of the Accra 2023 African Para Games to implement a volunteer training program. This collaboration aims to equip volunteers from various functional areas with the necessary knowledge and skills to support athletes and support staff during the historic Games.

Accra 2023 is set to make history as the first-ever African Para Games, uniting the continent in a showcase of athletic excellence and serving as a qualifying event for the Paralympic Games. Hosted in Ghana in September 2023, this momentous occasion brings together athletes, technical officials, and volunteers from across the region.

To ensure that volunteers are well-prepared and confident in their roles, 321 Sports has implemented the Volunteering in Para Sport Mini-Course. This engaging eLearning course focuses on the unique aspects and specialities of Para sport, providing volunteers with a comprehensive understanding of the requirements and dynamics of the Games.

The course covers essential topics such as understanding different types of disabilities, addressing barriers faced by people with disabilities, effective communication and interaction with individuals with disabilities, and providing positive support to athletes and others involved in Para sport competitions, activities, and programs.

321 Sports created a customized solution that enabled the Organizing Committee to effectively train their volunteers with convenience and efficiency. Volunteers were able to complete the course at their own convenience from their smartphones, tablets and laptops, and after being assessed through automatically graded quizzes and forum contributions, they received a specialized badge signifying course completion. The Organizing Committee were able to monitor completion progress through throughout reporting mechanisms, allowing them to focus on the proper delivery of the Games.

The impact of the Volunteering in Para Sport Mini-Course has been remarkable, with hundreds of volunteers completing it prior to their involvement in the Games. An impressive 90% of participants reported feeling more confident after completing the course, highlighting its effectiveness in enhancing their knowledge and skills.

Participants have praised the structure of the course, which includes quizzes, activities, and additional resources to reinforce the content and learnings. The course has not only helped correct stereotypes and misconceptions but has also had a positive impact beyond sports, fostering inclusive practices in participants’ communities.

“This Mini-Course helped me acquire additional knowledge and insights on how to properly communicate with and support people with disabilities,” said one participant. “I definitely recommend it!”

“I enjoyed how the course was structured, featuring quizzes, activities, and resources to complement the content,” said another. “It helped me correct stereotypes I held and mistakes I was making before, not only in sport but in my community.”

The agreement between the Accra 2023 African Para Games and 321 Sports signifies a shared commitment to providing exceptional training opportunities for volunteers. Through the implementation of the Volunteering in Para Sport Mini-Course, volunteers have gained valuable knowledge and skills, enabling them to provide inclusive and supportive environments for athletes with disabilities. This collaboration sets a precedent for future events, emphasizing the importance of comprehensive volunteer training in promoting accessibility and equality in sports.