321 Sports Selected as Solution Provider in “DigiFit”, a European Union Funded Project

321 Sports is delighted to announce its selection as one of the ten solution providers for the Fit for the Digital Age (“DigiFit”) project, funded by the European Union. This project aims to support grassroots sports organizations in adapting to the digital age and enhancing their digital readiness, resilience, and capacities.

DigiFit is aligned with the European Union’s Erasmus+ priority of digital transformation, focusing on empowering grassroots sports staff to thrive in the digital era. By facilitating innovation within the grassroots sport sector, the project aims to ensure that sports clubs can embrace digital advancements and flourish in the future.

Over the course of twelve months, DigiFit will provide specialized support to local grassroots sport organizations and clubs. Its primary objective is to empower these organizations to explore and address key challenges through the implementation of innovative digital solutions.

The project encompasses pilot actions across ten countries, which will target critical issues specific to each region and tailor bespoke digital solutions to effectively tackle them. By fostering a collaborative ecosystem, DigiFit brings together forward-thinking solution providers and grassroots sport organizations to exchange knowledge, develop digital capacity, and focus on problem-solving.

321 Sports takes great pride in being selected as a solution provider in DigiFit, and is eager to collaborate with other participating organizations, address the challenges faced by grassroots sports organizations, and work collectively towards achieving the project’s goals.

The selection of 321 Sports as a solution provider in the DigiFit project demonstrates their expertise in supporting different sports organizations in their digital transformation and education journeys. Through this collaboration, 321 Sports aims to contribute to the development of innovative digital solutions that will empower sports clubs to thrive in the digital age.